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World’s best hidden beaches – Cape Town

Cape Town is a multicultural city and one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. From the long strips of sandy beaches to the exciting nightlife of downtown clubs, this South African metropolis has something to offer for everyone.

If you are one of those rare travelers that prefer to venture far from the beaten track, you can escape the maddening crowds of tourists and visit some of the best hidden beaches in the world. These seldom visited shorelines lie just outside of the city limits and their sights are gorgeous enough to leave you dumbfounded.


Why visit Cape Town

A visit to Cape Town will invariably leave you wanting more. There are always new things to discover in the Western Cape capital. The city boasts a vibrating cultural heritage and tourist attractions can be met on every street. However, more traveled visitors know that the region’s best offerings are concealed on the town’s outskirts.

At the top of a list with Cape Town hidden treasures you will find the secluded beaches of this province. Among them, Platboom Beach is one that you should not miss. This chalk-white seafront located only 5km from the local nature reserve is the ideal haven for the hot summer days you want to spend away from the city.

The best hidden beaches in Africa

Smitswinkel Beach is one of the closely-guarded secrets of Cape Town. This secluded beach is surrounded by a spectacular landscape of abrupt cliffs and green hills. You can find it on a 20-minute drive away from Simon’s Town. However, you will have to befriend some of the locals before finding out the right route there.

Water’s Edge seems to be a real-life postcard with its bright blue pools of water surrounded by large volcanic boulders. This hidden beach is one of the most secluded strips of sand in all of Africa. Nevertheless, should you venture off the beaten track, just around the town of Seaforth, you have a good chance of stumbling on this natural wonder.