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The best Cape Town hotels

Cape Town, South Africa – a land of never-ending attractions and fun experiences. This place attracts millions of tourists every year. Whether they come here for cultural events, night clubs, or just to enjoy the sunny beaches, these visitors have a wide range of luxurious hotels to choose from. The best accommodation in town is never easy to find, so here are a few tips that will narrow down your selection.


What makes Cape Town so attractive?

Cape Town is the oldest city in South Africa and one of the earliest settlements on the continent. You can admire the rich historical heritage almost everywhere you look. Here you can find out more about the cultural legacy of the local community and discover the particular traits of this noble people. A day spent visiting the best museums in town cannot end better than with a dinner in your hotel’s balcony, overlooking the ocean.

The best time to visit Cape Town is between March and May. It is then that you can enjoy a full day on the beach without worrying about the scorching sun or powerful winds. At night, you can join one of the many rooftop parties hosted by the top downtown lodgings or the 5-star hotels located on the waterfront.

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The Best African Hotels

Due to its long history in offering exquisite hospitality services, Cape Town is the home of some of the best African hotels. Whether you are in town just for a night or for a two-week holiday, you can enjoy an excellent stay at almost any resort in town.

Some of the best hotels in Cape Town can be found on the coastline. These bustling white beaches offer beautiful sights and attractions on a constant basis. During the day you can lie in the sun or surf the tall ocean waves. At night you can have a romantic dinner at a waterfront restaurant or join one of the many beach parties that last until sunrise. Book a hotel near the shore to benefit from both the fun and the vicinity of a relaxing retreat for slumber.